Build connection, trust, and mutual respect with your students.

Minimize the number of incident reports in your classroom.

Teach with confidence and emotional intelligence.


(Bonus: Toolbox and Mini Tool-Badge)

This class includes Level 1 and Level 2 of the Mindful Teacher Training Program.
Walk away feeling empowered with FIVE science-supported tools of mindful communication and emotional intelligence. Be a mindful, relaxed teacher leading your students to be mindful, think positive, and do good! 

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"Roma Khetarpal has created a very thoughtful mindfulness training for anyone who spends time interacting with students. She has carefully researched aspects of successful communication and translated it all into an easy to understand and practical program that can be used in all interactions. Roma is easy to listen to, to watch, and to learn from. Her explanations are clear, easy to follow, and apply. Included in her training are worksheets, a toolbox, and discussion points so that participants have the opportunity to process and practice what they are learning.

California schools that write an annual LCAP will find that her training directly impacts the priority of School Climate.

I highly recommend her training for any personnel who want to develop meaningful and effective relationships with their students. She has worked with the campus supervisors and support staff throughout our District, and we found her training to be very successful."

— Dr. Christine Hamlin

Assistant Superintendent - Retired (Saugus Union School District)

"Roma Khetarpal and Tools of Growth provided our staff of 16 a thought-provoking look at Social-Emotional Learning and how to apply it in our Nursery School setting. With almost 100 children in our care, we could immediately put into practice her teachings on being a mindful teacher to help build self-confidence and trust with our students. Many of our teachers were inspired to go back into the classroom and make adjustments to benefit the children. We are more intentional with our own reactions to challenging behaviors, and helping the children to deal with their big emotions."

— Kim Bernaus

Director (Swarthmore Friends Nursery School)

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“It was my pleasure to be a part of the Tools of Growth program. I appreciate and value this great opportunity as we continue to ensure all students receive the most effective support throughout their elementary years.”

— Isa De Armas, Director, Curriculum & Instruction Saugus Union School District

“I received excellent tools to use not only in my daily work at school but also at home with my family (thank you!).”

– Workshop Attendee

“I valued Roma’s way of teaching, and how good it makes me feel to use these tools.”

– Workshop Attendee

“Roma is simply exceptional and one of a kind! I feel very blessed to have come to know her. Her passion is to help our community and to assist families. Roma’s workshop for our school’s parents was very inspiring, and eye opening. Her book, The 'Perfect' Parent, is a must read! We were even more inspired when Roma taught the Mindful Teacher Training workshop to our teachers and administrators from both our school locations. It helped bring out the best in our teachers and reminded us all what our main purpose as educators are!” 

— Mrs. Nelioufer Jayawardana (Nel), Head of Schools, St. Mary’s Montessori

“The Mindful Teacher Training helped me guide the children to deal with their feelings in a positive manner; first by helping them to identify their feelings, secondly acknowledging the feeling that they experience, and thirdly validating it. It was a very educative workshop which helped us.” 

— Ms. Minoli, St. Mary’s Montessori

“As a teacher and also a parent, I found the Mindful Teacher Training very informative and effective. Roma opens up a new doorway to reach and connect with your students. She discussed how we can balance our thoughts and feelings and how we can honor a little child and help him grow into a happy, confident, and secure human being.” 

— Ms. Farnaz, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma was an excellent guest speaker. I loved how she used her own life experiences to help give us a better understanding of things. She helped me build positive connections and relationships with the kids, as well as provided me with more tools to be more mindful with the children.” 

— Ms. Claudia, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma’s workshop was a wonderful learning experience—both insightful and relatable.…She used various examples that were current and realistic. We had a workshop with a room full of teachers, yet what we learned were lessons we are able to utilize as a parent, teacher, guardian, and friend.” 

— Ms. Justine, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma Khetarpal’s workshop was a wonderful reminder and reinforcement of why I love and value working with children. One of the biggest takeaways from her workshop was creating a balance between thoughts, feelings, and expressions. Her breakdown of dealing with the feeling has helped me immensely when it comes to working with children, parents, and peers. Mostly, I enjoyed her message about how the role of a mindful teacher is to help children grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. I believe I have become a better teacher, leader, and friend by taking Roma’s workshop.”

— Ms. Christine, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma gave an amazing workshop. She gave me a better understanding about connecting and interacting with my students. She was accommodating as a speaker, and I would recommend any teacher or parent to take her workshop and read her book, The ‘Perfect’ Parent.” 

— Kellene B, St. Mary’s Montessori

“I really enjoyed Roma’s workshop. Her tips about rewording the way we ask the child questions has been a huge help in having my kids work on their communication and the way I engage with my kids. It has also helped in the way I communicate with the assistants in my classroom. Overall I felt this workshop has benefited me in the classroom daily.” 

— Ms. Katie, St. Mary’s Montessori

“Roma’s seminar was fresh and eye opening. Her ideas brought new perspective on how a teacher and a child should interact. Her ideas left an everlasting impression. Thank you.” 

— Ms.Chas, Ms.Savi, and Ms. Amanda, St. Mary’s Montessori

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